The Great Casino Mystery Promotion Schedule

Each week you will be taken on a mystery solving adventure of a lifetime in The Great Casino Mystery Promotion. Take part at any of the Fortune Lounge Online Casino’s, solve the mysteries that await by figuring out the clues, completing tasks and winning big prizes.

Figuring out who stole the tickets to the Orient Express could lead you to claiming those tickets for yourself and taking the ultimate trip onboard the Express, with other great prizes also ready to be won.

The promotion schedule will keep you up-to-date with exactly how to take part during the 7 weeks of competition, what games will be played and what mysteries await you as you reach the highest rewards possibilities by far.

After the completion of each week of competition, the Winners Wall will be updates to reflect all the weekly winners that took part in the promotion; so scan through the schedule, make a note of all the different ways to play and win huge prizes along the way.